Work in Progress

Pacing Through the Doors

Pacing through the first floor
Open wide are the doors
Whispers trace into the weary mind
Questions sunken deep

Sunlight spread across the tile
Bare feet feel the cold
Time is at a pause
Fresh relief, stress free


Experimental Writing

Wrote this about a year ago. It can be read from left to right or from top to bottom.

A Line Poem- Jacob Winter

A cacophony                                                    Set Stage
A note                                                              Set day
A breath                                                           Set anger
A lie                                                                  Set pain
A moment                                                        Set loss
A fight                                                              Set faze

No sorrow                                                        Seek forward
No model                                                         Seek abroad
No keep                                                           Seek daring
No lead                                                            Seek past
No sleep                                                          Seek first
No light                                                            Seek knowledge

Broken fears
Broken career
Broken heart
Broken sight
Broken faith
Broken life


Surprise! I’m about to go on about possibly one of the most manly feature that any dude can amount to perform. And it is really easy for us to do, just don’t shave. I am aware that there are fellows out there that are unable to perform this extraordinary ability, and I am sorry for you…

But in the meantime those who can, all I ask is if you do not currently have some form of facial hair why not?

It is becoming far more popular for beards to be found. And they have been a popular fashion for centuries. Although during the time of Alexander the Great he banned beards in order to prevent the grabbing of facial hair during battles. Why…

To those of you who are unable to grow a beard, it has been found that some women find beards to be unattractive. In the opposite stance it has been viewed that men with beards are far more masculine and older looking.

Not to my surprise there is a beard and mustache championship that is held yearly.

If you are looking for a new look check out these different facial styles!

Or check out this guy Incredibeard!


If you are as active as I am you would look towards not only one activity, but many activity’s. Some of you may not know but I thoroughly enjoy cycling. In order to help my knee I have been cycling more and more at the gym and am now considering performing in the MS 150 this summer.

If you are unaware of what the MS 150 bike ride is it is an event that works to help people who are going through the struggles of Multiple Sclerosis. A disease that my Aunt lived with for many years.

The 150 stands for 150 miles. Yes, that means riding 150 miles on a bike, which to a professional cyclist is an average amount to travel in a couple of days. In essence the fundraiser is a great opportunity that if anyone is willing to participate in would be going towards a great cause. And it gets you in shape!

For more information check out this link!

More Poetry!

Decided this week to give some more of my writing to view. Give input if you would like, otherwise here ya go!


Calamities of earthen properties
Specify the feelings that flow through my eyes
Eerie places with vile thoughts, play tricks to confuse wary minds
Heartbeats clamor in steady beats, in harm’s way stands, my confidence bleak
Motions of green hills visit the door to the fairytale that shudders into my view
Frail images bounce countlessly as mystique prods billow fumes into the air
The smell of toxins fill the lungs as my heart beat fades
Where is my mind as the green continues to sway?
Luxury of the road forms innumerable memories as I walk amongst the fronds of an unforgiving road
Beauty surrounds and yet I am unsure of what future lies amidst me
Silence without pressure, to ensure clearing of the mind

Fire Weed

The unsettling seams of the runner’s fabric slowly begin to fade
His shoes fade progressively as he continues to run farther and farther
The road is unreal, transparent as distant thoughts transpire into his mind
Red streaks form on the edge of the path
He knows the run will become far more difficult the redder the pathway
Distant fields catch his attention, the maroon and yellow of the cornstalks seem a blur as he sprints faster and faster
The trek gradually begins to elevate, the hill is in the distance
Challenges spark adrenaline, inflaming his legs for the urge to conquer the goal he has completed so many times before
As the climb ensues his heart rate grows in intensity and the sweat flows down his neck
In his eyes are the inspiration for accomplishment
The peak is in sight, his legs are weary
Summit reached he gasps a sigh of relief, broadening his smile
He knows his achievement is worthy
The firewood flowers bloom at the top
His success remains clear

Hope that you enjoyed!

A Bit of History in Art

If you are into art history you may know the famous piece Oath of the Horatii. This piece was created by the famous artist Jacques-Louis David in 1784 and is currently on display in the Louvre in Paris, France. Now I know that not many people may be into art but this particular piece holds a unique story. In the picture you see three men holding out their hands towards their father who is holding three swords. On the right you see a few women who are in a great deal of grief. In reference to what is going on in the photo the three men are the Horatii brothers who are receiving swords from their father to fight a group of other three brothers from the family of Alba Longa, also called the Curaitii,whom are from a warring city. One of the women sitting down is a sister of the Horatii brothers, who surprisingly in my respect is married to one of the brothers of Curaitii. Also one of the sisters of Curaitii is married to one of the brothers of Horatii. In the end all but one brother dies in the family of Horatii after killing all of the Curaitii. As many Roman legends are this is but a sad tragedy in which the hero wins in the end for family and honor.

Going on to the world of NASA there is a possibility that they will be launching another spaceship into space after receiving a $6 billion donation. They will be working with Boeing and SpaceX in sending manned spacecraft to the International Space Station in 2017. They are trying to steer away from Russia and embark on U.S. funded and manned missions to out compete Russia in my opinion.

In the medical world, or specifically in ophthalmology they have found that with looking into your eyes that they are able to find out if you have certain health risks. For example some people when they have little brown or red spots on their eyes have a likelihood of having high blood pressure, this can also be a sign of stress. They also have the ability to look so closely into your eyes to see the red blood cells moving throughout your eye.

To see the video:

A quote to think on. “Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose”

-Lyndon B. Johnson

First Impressions

Ever had that thought when you first meet a person that you hope you aren’t perceived as a fool or a jerk? Tell you what it goes through most peoples minds, unless that is they don’t care about their image, which would surprise me. How about those moments when you meet a person for the first time in an awkward situation, as many times as this has happened I’m not going to name off any that I’ve experienced. What point am I trying to make? Don’t try and make yourself as being a perfect person every time you meet someone or else you will be working away from being your true self. 

Away from the advice, found out this week that the course Plant Diversity is extremely difficult, studying every night since the beginning of the school year. And wouldn’t you know that there is more to plants than what is so far presented to class after the first two weeks. Did you know that one plant is the parent of broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, Brussels sprouts, and collard greens? Neither did I. 

There is also the possibility that Airbuses may use hydrogen fuel cells! The research project will be held in Hydrogen South Africa (HySA) Systems Competence Center, which is in the University of West Cape in Capetown. They are attempting to create the cells to be capable of producing water as a byproduct so as to have their own water supply on the plane. Now these units will be replacing the Auxiliary Power Units, which are in the taper tail section of the plane. They will not be replacing the jet engines, nonetheless this would be awesome! For further reading-

If you enjoyed my last comedian on Youtube check out Bruce Bruce!