I’m New To This

What’s new everyone? This will be my first shot at blogging and let’s just say it’s quite a new experience for me. In terms of those of you who don’t usually read what I write I can get a bit off topic, so let’s just agree to disagree sometimes with my writing.

To start off with a topic let me begin with how long this semester has been (Oh by the way I’m a college guy). This semester is been extremely grueling with the amount of work that I will have to do, but on the bright side plenty of writing! And to think I would start this semester with a blog as a new year’s resolution.

As I sit here typing away on my laptop getting a few responses from my residents that they will not be attending a meeting it makes me dwell on what might lie in the future. I always enjoy reading up on what new technology or ideas are being formed, and I get most of this information from three separate sites: National Geographic, Gizmag, and sometime I find some really intriguing news from imgur. One of the newest products in the news is the 3D printer. I just recently read an article about how a company was able to use cells and 3D technology to grow an organ. I am very skeptical and yet curious about how this can work. If this does prove to be true I may as well not worry about how much I drink or smoke since I could someday simply buy a new organ. This is seems very impractical. I know there is a large amount of research going through and I know that some scientists will look at what I’m writing and shake their heads.

To go away from rambling I am very excited to continue with my blogging so if you have any comments or ideas that you want me to write about feel free to send me a message via Facebook or on this page! To finish with my blog here’s one of my favorite quotes.

“The bigger the mountain, the better the view.” -ANON




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