ACL and Chemistry

There a plenty of subjects that I enjoy in school and yet the one subject that seems to rattle my brain the most is Math. If there was one subject that I wish I could be better at it would be math. And guess what uses math, Chemistry and lately wouldn’t you know Chemistry is becoming difficult, minus the part where I get to draw polyethylene.  To better summarize I enjoy drawing pictures than doing the component of math, oh well. 

Many people have been asking me why I began this blog and I answer with explaining that it was a New Year’s resolution. To be honest I do not usually have a New Year’s resolution so this year was quite different. Along with this year, I am beginning to become antsy about my soon to be ACL surgery. I have had a torn ACL since (that I know of) August, there is a possibility that I tore it last year in a similar accident. If you have never torn your ACL I would say that you are very fortunate, and to the others who have had the surgery I am about to join in the group of runners who have had ACL surgery. 

While I wish I could say more it is nearing the time at night when I go to sleep, which is around 11-12. Yes I usually go to sleep at this time, I am an early bird.


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