Getting Lost

My family is big on going on vacations that involve going somewhere that incorporates hiking. In the past years I have visited Glacier National Park, Yellowstone, Rocky Mountain National Park (more than once), Black Canyons, Great Sand Dunes, Mesa Verde, Joshua Tree National Park, Little Bighorn National Monument, Arches National Park, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Natural Bridges, Zion National Park, and those are the National Parks. So you might be wondering of all these parks which would be my favorite. To answer your question I have more than one park that I could consider as my favorite. The most iconic trip that separates itself from the others would be our trip to Utah. The diverse flora and fauna in the state places itself as one of my favorite places to visits. The dirt of all things is orange! If you don’t already know orange is my favorite color. Besides the fantastic views that Utah offers the hikes are very memorable.

One of my favorite hikes was in Utah, it was the hike or you could say climb to Angels Landing, which is located in Zion National Park. The overall hike is approximately five miles long, and the top of the hike finishes at 5,790 feet. There are a total of 21 switchbacks, which for those of you who don’t know is a zigzagging trail to go to a higher location on a hike. This hike includes chains that you must grip in order to climb up the hill with a close to 1,000 foot drop on one side of the trial. The overall hike is unforgettable in a nutshell, if you enjoy hiking and would care to have a hike of a lifetime I absolutely approve of this hike.

In terms of college, this week I went back to playing a multi-player game called Diablo 3 with a few college friends. This is an intense game and a great way to waste some empty time. One of my good friends Adam enjoys to show off his highest ranking characters, while leaving my other friend and I in the dust.

Last weekend I was a part of a process known as Carousel. This is the process where Residential Assistants (RA) are chosen. At Carousel I was one of the interviewers, and to help you all to better understand, this process lasts 5 hours. So for two days I interviewed people for five hours straight, I’m not complaining I’m just realizing how much I am going to enjoy this coming weekend. 

Recently in the news of technology they are planning on devising a giant air bubble that will inhibit over parks in Beijing. This is due to the amount of unfavorable air conditions currently in Beijing. So they are now considering giant air bubbles of fresh air, to be honest I thought of this as being impracticable.

If you want to find some sick videos on extreme sports I found this site called, check it out!


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