The last paper that I wrote for my creative writing class was classified as a form of writing called flash nonfiction. In this paper I portrayed to a large extent a lot about the difficult feelings of change that have gone on throughout my life and I incorporated how these hard times helped to form the person that I am to this day. 

The greatest change that occurred to me was going to high school. I went to East Ridge High School the year it had opened. If you are not aware East Ridge in 2009 was a brand new high school being built between Woodbury and Cottage Grove. When I first heard about this proposition I was not aware that I would be separated with about half of the friends I had in middle school. The day I found out that I was going to the new school I remember seeing the proposed plans for the schools barrier lines and only one of the lines had my house going to East Ridge. I found out the same day that one of my best friends would be going to a different high school than me, he was on the opposite side of the border. Mind you the border between our houses was a walking path. Changing mentally to make myself understand that I would have to form new friendships in this high school that was full of students from a past extreme rival school of my hometown of Cottage Grove was a challenge. I have to admit to this day that I met  some of my best friends from the town of Woodbury, it only took a border to help me find these awesome people. 

In related news to change next year I have decided to not be on Residential Life staff at Bemidji State University. I will instead be living in a apartment off campus, this decision was difficult to make though I feel strongly that it is time for me to move off of campus. Finding out that friends of mine who are currently Freshmen and were accepted as staff members for last year, I hope you have a fantastic year next year!

My family also just recently bought two new puppies so here’s a picture!



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