Spring Break

To be honest I love having a break off of school, yet there comes to a point when you need to go back. In at least four days time I felt the need to be back in Bemidji. Minus the fact that I had two puppies to care for during the entirety of my spring break. Don’t get me wrong spending time with your dog is great, unless there are two of them who constantly chew on everything available.

I am closing in on finishing reading “A Clash of Kings”, written by George R.R. Martin, who’s writing is phenomenal in my opinion. If you are interested in reading a book that captures both adventure and drama in a different form, you should check out this series of books. And of course if you haven’t already read Harry Potter, you should go to your local library and begin reading one of the best series of books that I have read. I say one of since there are numerous novels and series of novels that I have read that are almost addictive to read. Reading is one of those experiences that to me and to others that I know to be rewarding. My favorite novel to read has been “The Count of Monte Cristo”, written by Alexandre Dumas. The history of Alexandre Dumas is interesting, his father was a french man and his mother was a black slave and by the age of 31 he was promoted to the rank of general in the French army. Another book he wrote that is familiar to people is The Three Musketeers.

In brutal honesty as much as I enjoy novels being turned into films, usually the films tend to muck up the overall meaning or specific objectives that were incorporated in the novel. Although I do enjoy what most filmmakers do in order to replace some events in books so as to make sure the movie isn’t five hours long. This proves to be an example in the recent Hobbit films where many smaller events are kept out and smaller roles are far more emphasized than was placed in the novel.


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