It’s been awhile since I have posted a new blog. Last week my younger brother Isaac was up in Bemidji, and lone behold he was able to experience a bit of what his college life will be. Isaac went through my average class schedule of a Friday, which consists of Chemistry and Ecology. Now being a fan of history these courses were not so interesting to Isaac. Before we were about to start class I told him, “Isaac take notes, or pretend to take notes. Maybe even draw pictures, just don’t focus on your phone.” Lone behold most of Chemistry Isaac was drawing pictures in his notebook. Even to the point that he was drawing a picture of my friends cup that was of Iowa State. At the end of the class I asked him to at least try and figure out the last problem. He was one Oxygen away from the answer….

A part from the random drawings that he drew in class I had a great time with my brother while he was up in Bemidji with me. The best part of his visit would probably be the meal we had at Mi Rancho, where we consumed a whole basket of chips in less than 10 minutes. All in all I enjoyed the time with my brother and only wish we could spend more time with each other since I am in college and he will soon be on his way to be studying at Moorhead State University.

Recently my writing class has been working largely on poetry, which I love writing about. Unfortunately my instructor seems to have a narrow mind on what work on poetry is good. I was not expecting to be accredited to a great extent for my writing, but she does not make many notes on the work that I turn in. Oh well… In a positive manner we will soon be writing short stories, which I am excited to start on due to the fact that I do not usually write short stories that often. As you all may know or can tell is that I enjoy writing, which shouldn’t surprise you since I began this blog. If you are looking for a way for stress relief or to express something that is bothering you, write it down. My father gave me the best advice when he told me that if you want to accomplish something write it down on paper. If you write it down there is a greater chance that you will succeed.

Trust is a word that I highly regard, specifically towards the friends that I have and my family. The amount of trust that you have towards a person can also relate to the amount of respect that is held towards that person. The greater amount of respect that I hold for a person, then I have more trust in them. I believe that if a person speaks about deeper events from their past the more that you have trust from that person.

To finish here’s a quote.

“A life without sunshine is like, you know, night.” -Steve Martin


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