Some of my Writing

The last few days seem to be a blur, in a good way, I was not drunk. It seems that a large portion of people believe that college is all about partying and getting drunk. I have to admit it is fun to go out and party, but college is not all about going out and partying. If you are still in high school, understand that college provides a large amount of distractions. College is about studying for a career that you are interested in enough to go into to get paid.

A part from my college advice I wrote a piece for fun and was suggested by a friend to place it on this weeks blog.


The beach lay filled with junk and waste of the large corporations’ ships. The ships moved constantly through the bay, the slow lull of their propellers muffled out the seagulls screams. I walked along the shore spying glass bottles, pieces of a tire, an old worn radio, plastics bags and cups, torn newspapers and unwanted shards of a once bright hat.

The same walk, a different trove of excess materials that would make a homeless man smile. Transparent lights dance in the empty seats of a deceased Chevy, lying in ruin amongst the clutter strewn along the beach. My eyes tire as they look out to the sunset, gleaming across the once richly filled waters of the reef.

In the days of old you would see the populous beach flocking with young, old, and families with laughter echoing across the steady beat of the waves. The taste of ice cream touches my lips, the sweet fragrance of sun lotion fills my nose. My sight falls upon sandcastles, wake boards, and girls lying in the sun for that perfect tan. The light falls heavy on the people, with a light breeze flying off the water. Sand creeping between my toes, the little devils become trapped, not wanting to escape. Catching sight of my friends I walk back to our “camp”, fetching my towel, cleaning my feet I sport worn shoes in a mound with my clothes.

Glimpses of the past are more frequent each time I visit. The walks become shorter, unable to see my favorite place as it fills with crude. No one seems to revel at the beauty this place once held. The days look bleak in a world that is contained in stone and steel. Pollution captures no one’s attention, only green folds.

I wish I could walk with sandals.


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