Living Positive

In the past few years there have been an assortment of events and experiences that I have been through, in which I would never have thought would occur. I have met so many people that are unique in their own way. I will not single certain individuals out, but a majority of them I have met here at Bemidji. From working at Petsmart to my current position as being a Peer Academic Assistant for Residential Life. It may surprise the people that I have met at Bemidji that I try to have positive attitude towards just about everything. There is a reason that I show a smile or make a goofy jest at most of the things that I do. There was a point in time when I was not the happy, go lucky person, regardless of what some people may say. In the years of middle school I had a rough time “fitting in”. I had many friends, but I was also a very nerdy and quiet person. In honesty I would not have the courage to speak to the girls that I speak to today. To contrast this as soon as I entered East Ridge High School I started by trying to fit in the first year in school. Over time I learned that the best way to meet and talk to people was to be myself. Back to being positive, in my ninth year of school a girl told me that I had a super nice smile and that I should smile more. I figured that after that moment that I should look positively at things instead of trying to prove myself to others. As soon as I entered college I have to admit it was a difficult adjustment, but through thick and thin I met an amazing assortment of people to help me cope through.

Since I brought up my past work experience I may as well include my time working for Petsmart. I was a cashier starting off in Petsmart, this included working the floor and working in the live animal sections of the store. I loved this job, there were days that I wished I could work more hours just to meet more people and their pets. My two favorite visitors were a puppy Bulldog named Angus and a 10 month old Irish Wolfhound named Titan. Angus had a peculiar personality towards me, he was going through the puppy training when I worked there, he would promptly sit with his head cocked sideways in order to receive another treat. He also always hobbled over to me, since he knew that I enjoyed his company. Titan on the other hand was a rare sight when I was working, though when I did see him he enjoyed sitting and resting his head on my chest, by the way I was standing when he was sitting with his head on my chest. At 10 months old Titan stood on four legs around three and a half feet tall. When I worked in the live animal section I worked with the fish, birds, rodents, and reptiles. To help me with learning the reptiles my manager gave me a python to hold, her exact words “If he bites you he wont hold on long and it might bleed. You have to watch out for the corn snakes. They wont let go if they bite you.” Fortunately I didn’t work with the reptiles often.


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