As I sit here at my desk eating my pizza rolls I recall about how awesome food tastes. Specifically if you are not always able to have an amazing breakfast filled with coffee, over easy eggs, bacon (duh), some sausage, toast, pancakes, and maybe add a few donuts to finish. When I am really hungry I tend to talk about food, I’m really hungry right now by the way. My friends and family know that when I enter into this phase of talking about food I talk very in-depth about what would taste incredible at that moment. This tends to get on peoples nerves, because they also begin to get hungry. For example right now I could go for a some Cassettas with chicken marsala and on the side would be some pasta with a dash of parmesan cheese and a Biscotti to finish off the meal. I could also go for a deep dish of my mother’s classic Taco Hot Dish, mom I would like to have this when I come home in May. To rephrase how much I enjoy this dish most of the time when I go home my mother asks me what I would like to eat when I come home for break. About 50% of the time I ask for this dish, now I wont go into depth about the recipe, but it starts with a bottom layer of meat and a cream of mushroom mix, along with being layered with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, black olives and topped with Doritos that have cheese over the top. 

My mouth is honestly salivating heavily right now…

To continue, if haven’t already had a Juicy Lucy you need to place this monstrous and delicious burger onto your bucket list. In Bemidji we have a bar and grill called 209. My friend Schmieg brought me there, where I had my first Juicy Lucy, I did not stop eating until I had less than a quarter left on that burger. I was eating ahead of Schmieg who is about two or three times my size. I wont spoil the burger for you, but in an essence it is a very large burger with cheese melted in with the meat.

Onto desserts, if you know me well enough you know that I love ice cream. When I go to eat at Walnut Hall(aka Wallies) I need to control myself if I plan on going to eat ice cream. Around 90% of the time I will go get ice cream, and a little rant, I hate the ice cream that is too creamy, it has to be cold, or else I will complain with mouthfuls of ice cream about how it is not cold enough. My favorite ice cream would have to be Mint Chocolate chip, or any ice cream that has mint in it.

If your not hungry yet here’s a picture of a steak.



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