As of late I just watched the film Draft Day, which has a leading role of Kevin Costner. Without any knowledge of anything with the NFL draft I would say that the film overall was a very good film. To my surprise there was a large amount of information that was incorporated on what occurs during the NFL draft. It also placed a great view on how the general managers look towards more than just the talent of  a player.

Upcoming films that I am looking forward to would be Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Wars episode 7, and a film that will soon to be coming out would be Million Dollar Arm. The movie Million Dollar Arm is about a general manager who is pursuing a newer group of players to introduce to the MLB. In order to introduce a newer group, he goes to India where he finds a few boys who are exceptional at playing baseball. Being a baseball fan I am extremely interested in this film and hope for a good outcome.


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