Surgery, and Django

It has been a long time since I last had a blog post, but here I am again! 

Finishing my second year at Bemidji State proves to show how much work college actually turns out to be. If you are an incoming freshmen to any college understand that it will take a large amount of effort to succeed in college. Specifically if you decide that your first semester to take 18 credits. Here’s a little news break its harder in college than high school! Now I’m not saying that you cannot do well in college I would just like to make current graduated Seniors that college is not only fun, but you also have to space out time from going out with friends and studying for courses. Another point to make is that there is a chance that you will change your selected major freshmen year. This comes from a guy who is now changing his major for a third time.

To stray away from talking about school if anyone remembers about my surgery here’s a little update, there was more done than expected in the operations room. Instead of just having an ACL tear my surgeon Dr. Gannon also found while digging into my knee that I had also torn both meniscus and had a large amount of cartilage and tissue damage. This resulted in the surgery lasting from one hour to two hours. I am now currently in the resting stage with hobbling around on crutches for four to six weeks. Whoohoo!

A short story to go on from my return home. Unfortunately when I was cleaning my tank from school on the day before I left to go home I had to place both of my Cichlids in a gallon ice cream bucket with the air pump on to keep them alive. Now I had two Cichlids named Django whom is a Jack Dempsey Cichlid and Mo who was a Red Necked Cichlid. I had Django since the beginning of the school year and soon had Mo about a month later. Proven with his name Django is a badass who has territorial problems that are common for Cichlids. By the way if you don’t know what a Cichlid is look them up, they are an awesome species of freshwater aquarium fish! Moving on, Django would constantly bully and beat up Mo who was a tad bit smaller. So while I was off preparing for leaving school and doing shenanigans with my friends Django must have killed Mo in the ice cream bucket. Because when I came back a few hours later Mo was upside down in the ice cream bucket with Django looking quite pleased with himself. Let’s just say I could see this coming. Now Django is living it up in the 20 gallon tank at my house where he has almost doubled in size.

Here is a picture of what Django looks like


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