Viruses and Football(Soccer)

Being a fan of imgur I find out a large amount of information. Just today I saw a post of a man who works for Penn State in which he has found a breakthrough in which he may be able to kill breast cancer cells. In his research he is also using this method on eliminating any other forms of cancer. The current research and advancements that are in the medical field are phenomenal, and yet there is evidence that the diseases and illnesses that are being cured are also making it so bacteria and viruses are evolving to be more resistant. This can be found in an illness that everyone knows called the flu, where we have a flu vaccine each year. The reason behind this is that the flu is a virus, in which it evolves each year, and this is why you need a new vaccine each year, so as to combat the newer form of flu virus.

On the topic of the FIFA World Cup as of today. I have almost no knowledge about football (soccer), and the way the game works. When I see that the U.S. is able to continue in the world cup I become confused, specifically when they tie and then lose. Although finding out that football players actually bite each other to get control of the ball is quite amusing. 

Here is an idea that is actually in use in other countries that I believe the United States should grasp. In other countries when a student finishes high school and enters into college they choose just like us a major of their own choice. When they go into this majors program they focus primarily on their majors classes and do not place liberal education as an expectation. To add on some countries also have their college tuition as free. Once again their college tuition is FREE. In order to pay for your college expenses after graduating once you go into the working world in a career you have an additional tax. I am open to this, minus the point that there may be loopholes or depends on the major and the amount of schooling needed. Now mind that the current debt that college students in the U.S. have is around $25,000. To compare the funds needed for college my parents paid close to $10,000 a year at Bemidji State University, now 20 some years later I am paying close to $16,000 for the same classes. This may be a bit of a rant from a college kid who pays for half of his education and would like to pay less, but the numbers are kind of crazy. 

Finishing off there is a comedian that I have found to be funny due to how much he does not care about his image and overcomes this by performing stand up comedy. If you want a few good laughs look up Josh Blue.


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