Early to Rise

“Early bird gets the worm” A common phrase that my father and a large amount of people that are older than me seem to promote. Although there is a lot of truth to this saying, I myself enjoy waking up earlier. The idea of waking up around noon seems quite outlandish to me since waking at around 6am is actually a norm.
In a study by Texas University, students who woke up earlier earned a better grade point average than students who were night owls. Yes I know that there is controversy to this fact, but the earlier you wake the better chance your brain has to begin functioning. This added brain function helps to improve planning skills and to increase productivity throughout the day.
There are people that I know who are not early risers, there are two ways that I suggest that can help you improve your morning, one of which is healthier than the other. The first choice is to go on a morning run, swim, or any activity. This is an awesome way to help wake the muscles, improve your metabolism, and even improves your diet.
The other way to wake up in the morning, which to me is one of my favorite ways to wake up in the morning is coffee. In specific a dark roast blend of coffee with no cream or sugar added. If its a doughnut house blend or a eclipse blend from Caribou you will see a drastic change in Jake’s personality that day. Even though having an excess of coffee is not healthy having specifically one, to two cups of coffee is found to be healthy for a person. And wouldn’t you know the better choice of blend of coffee is a dark roast, this blend has a higher amount of antioxidants and helps improve your hearts health.
So drink coffee and enjoy the morning!


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