Good Eats, and Great Laughs

All smiles in Bemidji for the first week of the school year has almost come to a close! It is Thursday and I have been sitting in my room for the past hour or so reading about how to write Poetry… Nonetheless found out a few days ago that Robin Williams had a unique rider for his performances. If you don’t know already a rider for an entertainer/ performer is a specified list of requirements for said performer. Williams had a rider that had specified that some of the employees of his performance had to be homeless people, therefore providing work for the homeless.

Today I finished the most recent book of the Game of Thrones series A Dance with Dragons, to the people who are waiting for the next season of Game of Thrones in HBO get ready for a multitude of surprises. Now if only George R.R. Martin would come out with Winds of Winter, supposedly he his trying for 1500 pages for this next novel. And it takes me around three days to accomplish writing 12 pages…

Ever wondered what it’s like to eat 150 sour heads well if you look up Furious Pete on Youtube you’ll see how terrible it is for your mouth. Found out about Furious Pete about two weeks ago, this dude knows how to eat! He ate 15 burgers in 10 minutes, oddly enough whenever watching his videos I get really hungry.

If you are looking for a great comedian from the past look into Jonathon Winters. There was a time where he was in a talk show and was given a stick, with said stick he impersonated 10 different characters on the spot in about 5 minutes. A great quote by Jonathon Winters is “If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to it.”. All in all don’t be afraid to take chances.



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