More Poetry!

Decided this week to give some more of my writing to view. Give input if you would like, otherwise here ya go!


Calamities of earthen properties
Specify the feelings that flow through my eyes
Eerie places with vile thoughts, play tricks to confuse wary minds
Heartbeats clamor in steady beats, in harm’s way stands, my confidence bleak
Motions of green hills visit the door to the fairytale that shudders into my view
Frail images bounce countlessly as mystique prods billow fumes into the air
The smell of toxins fill the lungs as my heart beat fades
Where is my mind as the green continues to sway?
Luxury of the road forms innumerable memories as I walk amongst the fronds of an unforgiving road
Beauty surrounds and yet I am unsure of what future lies amidst me
Silence without pressure, to ensure clearing of the mind

Fire Weed

The unsettling seams of the runner’s fabric slowly begin to fade
His shoes fade progressively as he continues to run farther and farther
The road is unreal, transparent as distant thoughts transpire into his mind
Red streaks form on the edge of the path
He knows the run will become far more difficult the redder the pathway
Distant fields catch his attention, the maroon and yellow of the cornstalks seem a blur as he sprints faster and faster
The trek gradually begins to elevate, the hill is in the distance
Challenges spark adrenaline, inflaming his legs for the urge to conquer the goal he has completed so many times before
As the climb ensues his heart rate grows in intensity and the sweat flows down his neck
In his eyes are the inspiration for accomplishment
The peak is in sight, his legs are weary
Summit reached he gasps a sigh of relief, broadening his smile
He knows his achievement is worthy
The firewood flowers bloom at the top
His success remains clear

Hope that you enjoyed!


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