Surprise! I’m about to go on about possibly one of the most manly feature that any dude can amount to perform. And it is really easy for us to do, just don’t shave. I am aware that there are fellows out there that are unable to perform this extraordinary ability, and I am sorry for you…

But in the meantime those who can, all I ask is if you do not currently have some form of facial hair why not?

It is becoming far more popular for beards to be found. And they have been a popular fashion for centuries. Although during the time of Alexander the Great he banned beards in order to prevent the grabbing of facial hair during battles. Why…

To those of you who are unable to grow a beard, it has been found that some women find beards to be unattractive. In the opposite stance it has been viewed that men with beards are far more masculine and older looking.

Not to my surprise there is a beard and mustache championship that is held yearly.

If you are looking for a new look check out these different facial styles!

Or check out this guy Incredibeard!


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