Good Eats, and Great Laughs

All smiles in Bemidji for the first week of the school year has almost come to a close! It is Thursday and I have been sitting in my room for the past hour or so reading about how to write Poetry… Nonetheless found out a few days ago that Robin Williams had a unique rider for his performances. If you don’t know already a rider for an entertainer/ performer is a specified list of requirements for said performer. Williams had a rider that had specified that some of the employees of his performance had to be homeless people, therefore providing work for the homeless.

Today I finished the most recent book of the Game of Thrones series A Dance with Dragons, to the people who are waiting for the next season of Game of Thrones in HBO get ready for a multitude of surprises. Now if only George R.R. Martin would come out with Winds of Winter, supposedly he his trying for 1500 pages for this next novel. And it takes me around three days to accomplish writing 12 pages…

Ever wondered what it’s like to eat 150 sour heads well if you look up Furious Pete on Youtube you’ll see how terrible it is for your mouth. Found out about Furious Pete about two weeks ago, this dude knows how to eat! He ate 15 burgers in 10 minutes, oddly enough whenever watching his videos I get really hungry.

If you are looking for a great comedian from the past look into Jonathon Winters. There was a time where he was in a talk show and was given a stick, with said stick he impersonated 10 different characters on the spot in about 5 minutes. A great quote by Jonathon Winters is “If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to it.”. All in all don’t be afraid to take chances.



Early to Rise

“Early bird gets the worm” A common phrase that my father and a large amount of people that are older than me seem to promote. Although there is a lot of truth to this saying, I myself enjoy waking up earlier. The idea of waking up around noon seems quite outlandish to me since waking at around 6am is actually a norm.
In a study by Texas University, students who woke up earlier earned a better grade point average than students who were night owls. Yes I know that there is controversy to this fact, but the earlier you wake the better chance your brain has to begin functioning. This added brain function helps to improve planning skills and to increase productivity throughout the day.
There are people that I know who are not early risers, there are two ways that I suggest that can help you improve your morning, one of which is healthier than the other. The first choice is to go on a morning run, swim, or any activity. This is an awesome way to help wake the muscles, improve your metabolism, and even improves your diet.
The other way to wake up in the morning, which to me is one of my favorite ways to wake up in the morning is coffee. In specific a dark roast blend of coffee with no cream or sugar added. If its a doughnut house blend or a eclipse blend from Caribou you will see a drastic change in Jake’s personality that day. Even though having an excess of coffee is not healthy having specifically one, to two cups of coffee is found to be healthy for a person. And wouldn’t you know the better choice of blend of coffee is a dark roast, this blend has a higher amount of antioxidants and helps improve your hearts health.
So drink coffee and enjoy the morning!

Viruses and Football(Soccer)

Being a fan of imgur I find out a large amount of information. Just today I saw a post of a man who works for Penn State in which he has found a breakthrough in which he may be able to kill breast cancer cells. In his research he is also using this method on eliminating any other forms of cancer. The current research and advancements that are in the medical field are phenomenal, and yet there is evidence that the diseases and illnesses that are being cured are also making it so bacteria and viruses are evolving to be more resistant. This can be found in an illness that everyone knows called the flu, where we have a flu vaccine each year. The reason behind this is that the flu is a virus, in which it evolves each year, and this is why you need a new vaccine each year, so as to combat the newer form of flu virus.

On the topic of the FIFA World Cup as of today. I have almost no knowledge about football (soccer), and the way the game works. When I see that the U.S. is able to continue in the world cup I become confused, specifically when they tie and then lose. Although finding out that football players actually bite each other to get control of the ball is quite amusing. 

Here is an idea that is actually in use in other countries that I believe the United States should grasp. In other countries when a student finishes high school and enters into college they choose just like us a major of their own choice. When they go into this majors program they focus primarily on their majors classes and do not place liberal education as an expectation. To add on some countries also have their college tuition as free. Once again their college tuition is FREE. In order to pay for your college expenses after graduating once you go into the working world in a career you have an additional tax. I am open to this, minus the point that there may be loopholes or depends on the major and the amount of schooling needed. Now mind that the current debt that college students in the U.S. have is around $25,000. To compare the funds needed for college my parents paid close to $10,000 a year at Bemidji State University, now 20 some years later I am paying close to $16,000 for the same classes. This may be a bit of a rant from a college kid who pays for half of his education and would like to pay less, but the numbers are kind of crazy. 

Finishing off there is a comedian that I have found to be funny due to how much he does not care about his image and overcomes this by performing stand up comedy. If you want a few good laughs look up Josh Blue.

Surgery, and Django

It has been a long time since I last had a blog post, but here I am again! 

Finishing my second year at Bemidji State proves to show how much work college actually turns out to be. If you are an incoming freshmen to any college understand that it will take a large amount of effort to succeed in college. Specifically if you decide that your first semester to take 18 credits. Here’s a little news break its harder in college than high school! Now I’m not saying that you cannot do well in college I would just like to make current graduated Seniors that college is not only fun, but you also have to space out time from going out with friends and studying for courses. Another point to make is that there is a chance that you will change your selected major freshmen year. This comes from a guy who is now changing his major for a third time.

To stray away from talking about school if anyone remembers about my surgery here’s a little update, there was more done than expected in the operations room. Instead of just having an ACL tear my surgeon Dr. Gannon also found while digging into my knee that I had also torn both meniscus and had a large amount of cartilage and tissue damage. This resulted in the surgery lasting from one hour to two hours. I am now currently in the resting stage with hobbling around on crutches for four to six weeks. Whoohoo!

A short story to go on from my return home. Unfortunately when I was cleaning my tank from school on the day before I left to go home I had to place both of my Cichlids in a gallon ice cream bucket with the air pump on to keep them alive. Now I had two Cichlids named Django whom is a Jack Dempsey Cichlid and Mo who was a Red Necked Cichlid. I had Django since the beginning of the school year and soon had Mo about a month later. Proven with his name Django is a badass who has territorial problems that are common for Cichlids. By the way if you don’t know what a Cichlid is look them up, they are an awesome species of freshwater aquarium fish! Moving on, Django would constantly bully and beat up Mo who was a tad bit smaller. So while I was off preparing for leaving school and doing shenanigans with my friends Django must have killed Mo in the ice cream bucket. Because when I came back a few hours later Mo was upside down in the ice cream bucket with Django looking quite pleased with himself. Let’s just say I could see this coming. Now Django is living it up in the 20 gallon tank at my house where he has almost doubled in size.

Here is a picture of what Django looks like


As of late I just watched the film Draft Day, which has a leading role of Kevin Costner. Without any knowledge of anything with the NFL draft I would say that the film overall was a very good film. To my surprise there was a large amount of information that was incorporated on what occurs during the NFL draft. It also placed a great view on how the general managers look towards more than just the talent of  a player.

Upcoming films that I am looking forward to would be Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Wars episode 7, and a film that will soon to be coming out would be Million Dollar Arm. The movie Million Dollar Arm is about a general manager who is pursuing a newer group of players to introduce to the MLB. In order to introduce a newer group, he goes to India where he finds a few boys who are exceptional at playing baseball. Being a baseball fan I am extremely interested in this film and hope for a good outcome.


As I sit here at my desk eating my pizza rolls I recall about how awesome food tastes. Specifically if you are not always able to have an amazing breakfast filled with coffee, over easy eggs, bacon (duh), some sausage, toast, pancakes, and maybe add a few donuts to finish. When I am really hungry I tend to talk about food, I’m really hungry right now by the way. My friends and family know that when I enter into this phase of talking about food I talk very in-depth about what would taste incredible at that moment. This tends to get on peoples nerves, because they also begin to get hungry. For example right now I could go for a some Cassettas with chicken marsala and on the side would be some pasta with a dash of parmesan cheese and a Biscotti to finish off the meal. I could also go for a deep dish of my mother’s classic Taco Hot Dish, mom I would like to have this when I come home in May. To rephrase how much I enjoy this dish most of the time when I go home my mother asks me what I would like to eat when I come home for break. About 50% of the time I ask for this dish, now I wont go into depth about the recipe, but it starts with a bottom layer of meat and a cream of mushroom mix, along with being layered with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, black olives and topped with Doritos that have cheese over the top. 

My mouth is honestly salivating heavily right now…

To continue, if haven’t already had a Juicy Lucy you need to place this monstrous and delicious burger onto your bucket list. In Bemidji we have a bar and grill called 209. My friend Schmieg brought me there, where I had my first Juicy Lucy, I did not stop eating until I had less than a quarter left on that burger. I was eating ahead of Schmieg who is about two or three times my size. I wont spoil the burger for you, but in an essence it is a very large burger with cheese melted in with the meat.

Onto desserts, if you know me well enough you know that I love ice cream. When I go to eat at Walnut Hall(aka Wallies) I need to control myself if I plan on going to eat ice cream. Around 90% of the time I will go get ice cream, and a little rant, I hate the ice cream that is too creamy, it has to be cold, or else I will complain with mouthfuls of ice cream about how it is not cold enough. My favorite ice cream would have to be Mint Chocolate chip, or any ice cream that has mint in it.

If your not hungry yet here’s a picture of a steak.


Living Positive

In the past few years there have been an assortment of events and experiences that I have been through, in which I would never have thought would occur. I have met so many people that are unique in their own way. I will not single certain individuals out, but a majority of them I have met here at Bemidji. From working at Petsmart to my current position as being a Peer Academic Assistant for Residential Life. It may surprise the people that I have met at Bemidji that I try to have positive attitude towards just about everything. There is a reason that I show a smile or make a goofy jest at most of the things that I do. There was a point in time when I was not the happy, go lucky person, regardless of what some people may say. In the years of middle school I had a rough time “fitting in”. I had many friends, but I was also a very nerdy and quiet person. In honesty I would not have the courage to speak to the girls that I speak to today. To contrast this as soon as I entered East Ridge High School I started by trying to fit in the first year in school. Over time I learned that the best way to meet and talk to people was to be myself. Back to being positive, in my ninth year of school a girl told me that I had a super nice smile and that I should smile more. I figured that after that moment that I should look positively at things instead of trying to prove myself to others. As soon as I entered college I have to admit it was a difficult adjustment, but through thick and thin I met an amazing assortment of people to help me cope through.

Since I brought up my past work experience I may as well include my time working for Petsmart. I was a cashier starting off in Petsmart, this included working the floor and working in the live animal sections of the store. I loved this job, there were days that I wished I could work more hours just to meet more people and their pets. My two favorite visitors were a puppy Bulldog named Angus and a 10 month old Irish Wolfhound named Titan. Angus had a peculiar personality towards me, he was going through the puppy training when I worked there, he would promptly sit with his head cocked sideways in order to receive another treat. He also always hobbled over to me, since he knew that I enjoyed his company. Titan on the other hand was a rare sight when I was working, though when I did see him he enjoyed sitting and resting his head on my chest, by the way I was standing when he was sitting with his head on my chest. At 10 months old Titan stood on four legs around three and a half feet tall. When I worked in the live animal section I worked with the fish, birds, rodents, and reptiles. To help me with learning the reptiles my manager gave me a python to hold, her exact words “If he bites you he wont hold on long and it might bleed. You have to watch out for the corn snakes. They wont let go if they bite you.” Fortunately I didn’t work with the reptiles often.